In 1994, Dr. Hari J. Krishna of Austin, Texas founded the 501(c)(3) non-profit American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) to bring renewed attention to the ancient practice of rainwater harvesting. For thousands of years collecting rainwater was a common method for providing water, but over the last century, wells and municipal water supplies took over as primary water sources. The diminishing supply of fresh water in wells and aquifers, concerns of quality and population growth are among the top reasons for the resurgence of rainwater catchment.The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) was created to promote sustainable rainwater harvesting practices throughout the United States and the world.

Our top promotional efforts include: creating a favorable regulatory atmosphere, creating a resource pool and educating professionals and the general public regarding safe rainwater design, installation and maintenance practices. A board of nine directors steers the initiatives of ARCSA and is augmented by regional directors located in various parts of the United States as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Together these directors spearhead community outreach, conferences, workshops and membership promotion to raise awareness. 

Being a worldwide organization, ARCSA funds a virtual hub at www.arcsa.org. This cyber home offers the public a vast array of information and resources including a project gallery, workshop calendar, course agendas, professional location directory, and more. ARCSA is a membership-based organization whose benefits include access to leading news about the technology and advancements in rainwater catchment. The site establishes a forum for members to share and gain knowledge about the growing industry. Members include professionals working in city, state, and federal government, academia, manufacturers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting equipment, consultants, as well as backyard amateurs and other interested individuals.This grass-roots organization is on the leading edge of the rainwater harvesting industry. While the spotlight shines brightly on the issue of alternative energy and general sustainability, ARCSA is providing the much-needed expertise and standards to integrate rainwater harvesting back into a prominent role providing water for potable and nonpotable purposes.ARCSA is the first organization to create training and certification for professionals in the rainwater harvesting industry, and has created a suite of training products that can lead to "Accreditation” and our post-graduate level "Certified Professional” status.

Dr. Hari J. Krishna, P.E.

Dr. Hari J. Krishna, P.E.


Board Members

David Crawford Chairman

David Crawford


Jim Urtz President

Jim Urtz

Sandra Ungerson Vice President

Sandra Ungerson
Vice President

Dr. Sarah Sojka Director

Dr. Sarah Sojka

Roland Morillo Director

Roland Morillo

Mark Pape Treasurer

Mark Pape

Dr. Kathy Gee Director  

Dr. Kathy Gee

Rocco Davis Director

Rocco Davis

Dr. Tamim Younos Director

Dr. Tamim Younos

Tim Haley Director

Tim Haley


Lisa Rozmyn Director

Lisa Rozmyn